Ram Parshad Bismil

Ram Parshad Bismil Poetry
Ram Parshad Bismil Poetry

For Long had the Memory of Home

We aren’t worried about ourselves but our country’s fate,
Which has long been suffering, makes us agitate.

When will the sun of freedom wash her with his rays?
The plight of our nation makes us rue our fate,

And fills us with a longing to die and fade away.
Only then shall we succeed when we all resolve

To sacrifice our life in the country’s cause,
Those who counsel patience, should be brushed aside,

The thought of blood and gore should give us no fright,
“To hell with your advice,” tell the counselor wise.

This is the time, O young men, to join the martyrs’ meet,
For the sake of motherland perform the dangerous feats,

A chance to win her blessings is now within your reach,
Make an offering of your youth at the mother’s feet,

Let’s see who comes forward to serve the Mother’s needs!
Apna kuchh ghum nahin lekin yeh khayaal aata hai,

Maadar-e-Hind pe kab tak yeh zawaal aata hai,
Dekhen azadi ka kab Hind mein saal aata hai,

Qaum apni pe tau rah rah ke malaal aata hai,
Muntezir rahte hain hum khaak mein mil jaane ko.

 Baat tau jab hai ke is baat ki zidden thaanen,
Desh ke waaste qurbaan karen sab jaanen,

Laakh samjhaey koi, ek na us ki maanen,
Kahta hai khoon se mat apna garebaan saanen,

Nasiha aag lage is tere samjhane ko!
Naujawano yehi mauqa hai, utho khul khelo!

Khidmat-e-qaum mein aaen jo balaaen, jhelo,
 Phir milengi na yeh mata ki duaaen, le lo,

Qaum ke sadqe mein mata ko jawani dedo!
Dekhen kaun aata hai irshad baja laaneko!

Ram Parshad Bismil

The secret of Life Lies in the Assassin’s Sword (Zindagi ka Raaz Muzmir Khaniar-e-Qatil Mein Hai)

They talk about my murder now in my friend’s court,
Let us see when this show will really unfold.

Continue to stake your lives for your country’s sake,
The secret of life lies hid in the assassin’s sword.

Steer our boat to its port, O pilot, in the name of God,
Our ship has got stuck in the shallow sands and shoals.

Dispel O God, from our land the darkness of jealous hate,
This is what we pray for, this is our cherished hope.

Let our country scale the skies through our sacrifice,
This is our sole desire, our one coveted goal.

Charcha apne qatal ka ab yaar ki mehfil mein hai,
Dekhna hai yeh tamasha kaunsi manzil mein hai.

 Desh par qurban hote jaao, tum, ai Hindeo,
Zindagi ka raaz muzmir khanjar-e-qatil mein hai.

Saahil-e-maqsood par le chali khuda ra nakhuda,
Aaj Hindustaan ki kishti bari mushkil mein hai.

Door ho ab Hind se taareeki-e-bughz-o-hasad,
Bas yehi hasrat, yehi armaan hamare dil mein hai.

Baam-e-rifat par charka do desh par ho kar fana,

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